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From Taiwan with love. 

Taiwan is a lush subtropical island off the eastern coast of China. From tropical rainforests to soaring pines, Taiwan is known for its natural beauty and also its lively food scene. The flavors of Juisu showcase some of the most popular and delicious varieties of the many fruits that grow in Taiwan: the small but powerful Queen pineapple, the much-lauded Treasure No. 2 watermelon, fresh coconuts, and the subtly perfumed lychee. 

In the normal juice bottling process, juices are heat-treated for pasteurization. However, heating destroys most of the vitamin content present in fresh juice, as well as the delicate essential oils that make up a fruit's distinctive taste. Using high-pressure processing, or HPP, we pasteurize our juice by applying over 87,000 pounds per square inch of force to our bottled juices. This allows us to destroy harmful pathogens while retaining flavor and nutrients, meaning we don't need to add artificial flavors and colors, sugar, or preservatives. Juisu tastes unlike anything you've ever had out of a bottle; just pure, fresh, delicious juice. Check out our production process below!