Tropical Fruits

Tangy, sun-sweet pineapple

Our Pineapple Glow is 100% cold-pressed from Queen Pineapples, a special pineapple varietal that boasts exceptional sweetness, a bright flavor, and a sunny yellow color. The entire pineapple is edible, and the fruit pulp in the juice adds just enough texture for a perfectly irresistable mouthfeel. Take off your shoes, lie back, and relax!

Take Off Your Shoes

Luxurious bites of divine lychee

Lychee Delight features the subtle perfume of luscious lychee. A small, round fruit with sweet white flesh, lychee is a favorite fruit in tropical and subtropical regions. The floral quality of fresh lychee is easily lost with standard bottling processes, where heating destroys the lychee's natural flavor. Juisu's HPP (high pressure processing) retains delicate flavors, allowing you to enjoy the lychee's flavor as nature intended. Close your eyes and savor serenity!

Savour Serenity

HP Processing




Botteled Berry Juice

Mouthwatering watermelon

Did you know that watermelons are actually a special kind of berry called a pepo? Watermelon Refresh is cold-pressed from a Taiwanese favorite: Treasure No. 2 watermelons. Exceptionally sweet with brilliantly red flesh, Treasure No. 2 watermelons are the jewel of the pepo world. Taste summer with every sip!

Taste Summer

Freshly cracked coconuts

Have you ever had coconut water right out of a coconut? Slightly sweet and full of electrolytes, the complex flavor of a fresh young coconut is an utterly different experience than your normal store-bought variety of bottled coconut water. Juisu's HPP (high pressure processing) bottling helps your juice retain the subtle flavors that differentiate most bottled coconut waters from the real thing. Get your groove on with Coconut Groove and drift away on a mini-vacay!

Drift Away
Botteled Watermelon & Lychee Juice